Movie Screening: DerDer Paintball Progression

Just watched an oldie but a goodie. DerDer Paintball’s Progression. Good flick. If you look around the interwebs you might even be able to find it for free. I'll be screening some more movies (paintball related of course!)


Play Fast-Paced Paintball Online With Digital Paint

I've been playing Greg Hastings Paintball 2 as result of a leg injury and its just stupid fun and today I ran across this in my Google Reader. I haven't installed it....yet. Read about it in the link or download it direct  at Digital Paint. 


eBay Flakes

So out of the 4 guns I've sold or tried to sell. I have two flake buyers on ebay. Luckily someone still snatched up the Invert Mini after the first buy flaked out. But now I'm dealing with another flake buyer on the Angel A1 Fly Joy Division. So needless to say its still for sale....Make an offer.

Angel A1 Fly Joy Division


All Guns Must Go!!!

So I've decided to sell of all my guns for some new hottness. And by new hottness I mean a Planet Eclipse Ego 11. But in order to do so I need to make some sales of arms collection. So point your browsers over to My Ebay and you never know you might see you future gun there! The guns for sale include the following


Live-ish Blog

So I learned the past Saturday live-blogging and playing paintball/setting up a paintball field is much harder than it seems. Telling someone to nail down bunker while you try to rub your sweaty fingers across an iPhone screen doesn't look that good. So I decided to put down the phone for much of the invent and shed some sweat with the rest of the hardworking folks from Rockfish Church. And shed sweat we did.

I got to the field about 730 and things started pretty smoothly and not a cloud in the sky. The net went up and the bunkers got filled just like clock work. But as much air as we put into the bunkers field it seemed to be taken straight from our lungs. Typically me and the team run a few practice games prior to getting the kids playing but it we were exhausted and moving slow. Good thing is that we got a sunshade up for families and parents to watch.

People showed up and the games were great. The referees and volunteers did a great job of getting people in and off the field and most importantly making sure everyone had plenty to drink. Overall it was a good event not too many people standing around waiting to play but plenty of games got to played.

Next games should be on the 2 July 2011. Should be a big event.