All Guns Must Go!!!

So I've decided to sell of all my guns for some new hottness. And by new hottness I mean a Planet Eclipse Ego 11. But in order to do so I need to make some sales of arms collection. So point your browsers over to My Ebay and you never know you might see you future gun there! The guns for sale include the following


Live-ish Blog

So I learned the past Saturday live-blogging and playing paintball/setting up a paintball field is much harder than it seems. Telling someone to nail down bunker while you try to rub your sweaty fingers across an iPhone screen doesn't look that good. So I decided to put down the phone for much of the invent and shed some sweat with the rest of the hardworking folks from Rockfish Church. And shed sweat we did.

I got to the field about 730 and things started pretty smoothly and not a cloud in the sky. The net went up and the bunkers got filled just like clock work. But as much air as we put into the bunkers field it seemed to be taken straight from our lungs. Typically me and the team run a few practice games prior to getting the kids playing but it we were exhausted and moving slow. Good thing is that we got a sunshade up for families and parents to watch.

People showed up and the games were great. The referees and volunteers did a great job of getting people in and off the field and most importantly making sure everyone had plenty to drink. Overall it was a good event not too many people standing around waiting to play but plenty of games got to played.

Next games should be on the 2 July 2011. Should be a big event.


Game Starts in 3.2,1...

The bunkers are loaded, the guns are fixed, the air tanks filled and the trailer hooked up and ready to roll to tomorrows paintball games at RockFish Church. The bunkers I purchased will be making their debut at tomorrows event mainly providing the largest snake the church as seen which should be interesting for our younger players. I can honestly say I'm pretty pumped about tomorrows event. Once a month seems like forever.

In any case, I'm going to be live blogging the event for those who can't make it our to RockFish Church or are a little leery of playing paintball at a church or playing paintball period. So keep your browser locked on the homepage and look for updates. Hope to see you out there!

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The Black Net Sprint

I decided to give the net a try. So I grabbed the hammer and stakes and went for it. About 1 hour and 15 minutes later this is what I ended up with. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but better than it was. I guess I couldn't really stand the sight of it on the ground any more. Surprisingly the system of raising it isn't nearly as complicated as I thought and pretty smooth too. I still plan on getting it 100% up and serviceable this Sunday but yesterday's work really cut down on how much will have to be accomplished Sunday.

The biggest obstacle for the net is really the wind. I bought plenty of stakes that I think most will be used for holding the bottom of the net still. That thing was blowin everywhere yesterday! It's the main reason the poles look like candy canes in the picture. Which raised my concern of how this is going to work out when the wind really gets to blowing. Yesterday was a calm breeze.

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Mobile Paintball = Mobile Blog

Only seemed fitting that if I have a mobile paintball field, this blog should be visible on mobile phones too. Check it out on you smart phone choice:


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Huff N' Puff

Another day of heat means another of filling the tanks and looks like I'm getting close for this weekend @ Rockfish Church. Really looking forward to playing with the folks at the church it's always a good time. Might be a hot one. So all that are coming make sure you bring plenty of the liquid clear stuff because you'll be loosing plenty of it playing. If you have any question about playing at Rockfish Church post it in the comments.

As for my own little field adventure in the backyard, I got some stakes in the mail today which is good. Waiting on the bungees to tie down the bunkers but after that all systems should be a go after that. Still shooting for Sunday getting the net up. We'll see how sore I am after this Saturday. Or dehydrated. Or both...


That Hot Air Pump

Well things are moving right along despite the humidity and sun. Yesterday I took the time to get some air in the tanks for this weekend. Went pretty smoothly, I was actually surprised. I'm going to need to continue to fill throughout this week. Averaging about 1000psi/1 hour of running the compressor. Which according to fellow I purchased the tanks & compressor is about right. So things are looking just right for this weekend at least.

So often when I went to fields when I was younger I was almost afraid of the dark art known as filing tanks. I doesn't seem that complex any more. I'm sure there are some more nuances I'm going to learn during this field ownership but it should be fun. Besides isn't that why we play paintball in the first place?

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Hard Work & Hot Sun

My friend and I worked on the field this weekend. Filled all the bunkers up we could and got the netting poles up. No small feat. Most of the bunkers are good a few bad apples but nothing a few good patch jobs can't fix. They're pretty larger and getting pretty warm in the sun and by warm I mean hot.

The netting however is proving to be a more difficult task then filling the bunkers. I'm going to need some helping hands to get the net up in a timely manner (there might be an incentive to those that help). My goal is to have it up by next Sunday to get some practice in at least on individual basis for tournament on the 18 June. The stakes and bungees were ordered and should be arriving this Wednesday so I should have everything I need to have the field up and look like a something people can use.

Hoping to work on the air & compressor, get it going this week and tanks filled for this weekend. Oil & lubricant has been changed in the air compressor and it runs so fingers are crossed and prayers have been whispered that all going according to plan when I try to fill the tanks.

If you feel like getting your tan and helping out on the field or just like watching people struggle with inanimate objects under the hot North Carolina sun HMU on Facebook or post in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


So it begins...

The trailer and all the workings of new paintball field in Raeford, NC have been delivered. Now the work really begins...


10-12am 03 June 2011